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If you’re interested in adopting Mariposa or helping out with MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, check out their website HERE. For an adoption application CLICK HERE. For more information on the adoption process CLICK HERE.

Nicknames: Mari and PuppyPuppyPuppy

Gender: Female

Age: 10 weeks

Breed: Pitbull / Chihuahua Mix

Tell us about her story and your experience so far with Mariposa: I got her as a foster puppy. She’s at the beginning of a lifetime of adventures, which started fairly small. After she was vaccinated, she was allowed in the yard, which completely blew her mind, but now she loves it. She’s even been on TV representing Maxfund on Petline9.

Likes: PLAYING!, especially tug, treats, ice cubes.

Dislikes: Being in her pen for naps.

Most happy when: Following her foster brother Larry around.

Can she do any tricks? If so, what’s your favorite? So far she knows sit so that’s my favorite 

What’s Mariposa’s favorite food? She is most excited about ice cubes! 

How would you describe her personality? She’s a fun, spunky puppy. She’s smart and friendly, and adorable beyond measure.

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