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Name: Lily

Owner: Paula DeCrescentis

Sibling: Lacey

Breed: Cujo! or spawn of Satan when she terrorizes Lacey!

Gender: Female

Age: 16 weeks

Favorite toys: A rubber toy that has a hole in the center. She likes to watch it roll.

Likes: Being outside.

Dislikes: Taking a treat away or telling her no!

Most happy when: She is running outside.

How would you describe Lily’s personality? Feisty and sweet.

What’s your favorite part about her? She’s so soft and lovable and it only took her 10 days to get potty training out the doggie door down.

What is Lily’s favorite spot at home? Under the couch, if she is taking a nap.

What is your top spot for walks? She walks AWest High school with Lacey. She picked up being on a leash very fast!

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