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larry dog pet portrait brooke
larry brooke pet portrait dog
larry dog pet portrait paw raised brooke

Name: Larry

Owner: Brooke Sinnott, RMCC Writer

How’d you come up with his name? My husband named him due to his likeness to one of his college buddies.

Nicknames: Lare, Lare Bear, Larry Berry, Lawrence

Breed: Bernedoodle 

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Favorite toys: A large (and obnoxious) rubber chicken, any stuffed toys that he can pull apart, chew sticks,

Likes: Belly rubs, copious amounts of attention, being extra comfortable 

Most happy when: he’s with people and/or is getting compliments

What’s his favorite food? String cheese

How would you describe Larry’s personality? Goofy, lazy and loveable

What’s your favorite part about him? He has a really distinct personality and does funny things, like opens the door by himself to go in and out

What is Larry’s favorite spot in your home? The sofa

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? I love watching how my 6-year-old son connects with Larry. They’re truly best friends!

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