Jelly Bean

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Jelly Bean dog portrait
Jelly Bean dog portrait
Jelly Bean dog portrait

If you’re interested in adopting Jelly Bean or helping out with the Snowcapped Shepherd Rescue, check out their Facebook page HERE. For an adoption application CLICK HERE. View Jelly Bean’s Petfinder Page HERE.

Name: Jelly Bean

Owner: Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue (until she finds her perfect forever family!)

How’d you come up with her name? We thought a silly name suited her personality perfectly, plus she arrived right before Easter. Most of our dogs end up getting new names when they are adopted, and we’re fine with that!

Breed:  Best guess is shepherd, lab, (insert favorite breed here). We’re not sure of her mix, but we’re sure she is perfect!

Age: 7 months

Favorite toys: Toys that squeak or anything she can run around with and toss in the air; she’s still figuring out balls and fetching.

Likes: Playing with the other dogs in the house and snuggling with her people.

Dislikes: Scary new stuff (Jelly is a bit shy but warms up when she knows you are a friend!)

Most happy when: Running zoomies!

Can Jelly do any tricks? Not yet, but Jelly is very food motivated and so smart – she would be fun to teach tricks!

How would you describe her personality? Sweet, exuberant and active, a little shy, and still very puppyish.

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Anywhere with new smells to explore!

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