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jack dog pet portrait
jack pet portrait dog
jack dog pet portrait

Name: Jack

Owner: Liam Donohue

How’d you come up with the name? It’s short and sweet, like him 

Nicknames: Jackie Boy, Jacquiem, Jacquito

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: Male

Age: 2.5

Favorite toys: Plush Squirrels, Peanut Butter Kong, baby pool 

Likes: Roughhousing with dogs 3x his size, running into mud puddles, and chasing bunnies

Most happy when: Running wild at Cherry Creek off-leash dog park

What’s his favorite food? Peanut butter or blueberries 

How would you describe Jack’s personality? Sweet and curious

What’s your favorite part about him? His joy for life is unparalleled. The enthusiasm he puts into jumping off the couch to follow me literally anywhere, he’s always down.

What is Jack’s favorite spot in your home? Jack will readjust himself 10x just to position himself either slightly touching you or completely in your lap. 

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? The unconditional love and slobbery licks

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