Inexpensive Home Remedies for Small Fix-it Projects

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Easy Home Repairs - Denver Real Estate AgentsSometimes, it’s the little things that annoy you the most: a small hole in the wall, a perennially clogged drain, the scratches and stains on various surfaces that come from everyday living.

The good news is that there are easy fixes for many of these problems. When it comes to repairing common home issues, Realtor magazine offers these simple and inexpensive home remedies:

Scratches on wood floors: For minor blemishes, use a crayon that matches the color of the floor. Color the scratched area, then buff to a shine.  (Google: “How to repair scratches in wood with crayon for detailed instructions.) For deeper scratches, try permanent markers, or grind the meat of a walnut or pecan into the marred surface; the oil from the nuts will blend with a polyurethane or water-based finish and can also be buffed to a shine.

Clogged drains: Drop three Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, then one cup of white vinegar. Wait 15 minutes, then pour boiling water into the drain. This should clear the problem. (One caveat: Don’t use this method immediately after using a commercial drain product, such as Drano or Liquid-Plumr.)

Stripped screws: Using a hacksaw, cut a new groove for the screwdriver into the top of the screw.

Holes and marks in walls: Non-gel toothpaste can be used to patch small holes (smooth the toothpaste with a putty or butter knife, then sand the surface when it dries). Such toothpaste can also erase crayon marks on the wall; use it with a scrub brush and wipe until marks are gone.

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