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huck pet portrait
huck pet portrait
huck pet portrait

Name: Huck

Owner: David Bromberg

How’d you come up with his name? His given name at adoption (age 4.5 years) was Sundance (born & raised in SLC), but he seemed more like a “Huck”—free-spirited, mischievous…

Nicknames: We have at least 30 nicknames for him (Not-so-smart, Not-so-dumb, Half-lap, Dog-breath, Defect, Cray-Cray, Hoover…). We most often call him Bud-bud.

Breed: ½ Aussie, ½ Bernese Mountain Dog

Age: 10

Favorite toys: Tennis BALLS (especially launched), stuffed toys (donut, lamb, car)

Likes: FOOOOOD!!!!!!! Walks/hikes, swimming

Dislikes: Squirrels, having his paws sniffed, being left when he sees us leaving, certain dogs, anyone who comes to the door (especially mailmen—even if he sees one on another street), delivery trucks (even when they aren’t coming to our house), squirrels.

Most happy when: He’s with us

Can Huck do any tricks? He can jump amazingly high when we toss him tennis balls.

What’s his favorite food? Fruits/vegetables—especially carrots—but he is constantly in search of food/crumbs—in the kitchen or on walks

How would you describe his personality? Energetic, hyper-vigilant (e.g., barks at everything),

What’s your favorite part about Huck? He’s a source of non-stop entertainment

What’s the naughtiest thing he has ever done? Jumped out of the window of the moving car when we got near the dog park. He’s lost window privileges! Also, being a herder (his Aussie side), he can get aggressive when playing. He nips and has bitten holes in my puffy coat L (baaaad dog!!!)

What is Huck’s favorite spot in your home? On the bed or couch

What’s the best memory you have with him? We love to watch him swim also chase the ball–repeatedly

What’s your favorite thing to do with him? Anthropomorphizing

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Mayfair, Park Hill, Hilltop

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Unconditional love

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