Home Repair or Market Concerns? Ask your Realtor

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Questions about real estate  - Denver real estate agentsIn the course of owning and maintaining a home, it’s inevitable that questions will arise.  For example, who do you call when the sewer backs up or the drywall needs repair? What company can you trust to replace your roof without attendant headaches? How can you uncover the current value of your home?

You may not realize it, but when facing this endless array of issues, you already have the perfect resource at hand: your ReMax Realtor. Real estate agents deal with service professionals on an ongoing basis, in all facets of the business. They quickly learn who is reliable and offers good value to customers. They can also address any market questions you might have.

Consider your ReMax Realtor for:

Home valuation information: Realtors have easy access to information about sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood. They can advise you on how to price your home when selling, or how to value it when refinancing, working out divorce settlements, settling estate issues, planning for taxes — or even if you’re just curious about what’s happening in the market.

Service providers: Electricians, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, painters, moving companies… you name it! Realtors know service professionals who can help with anything from minor fix-it projects to major remodels and serious structural repairs. And if they don’t know the right person for the job, they have a network of co-workers to draw on who can offer suggestions.

Realtor referrals:  Are you planning to move out of state? Trying to sell your parents’ home as you settle their estate? Looking to buy property in another region? Your Realtor can research other real estate professionals to learn their level of training, areas of specialty, success rates, and even demeanor. They can interview agents before you get involved to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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