Home Buying Tips for Young Professionals

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For first-time home buyers, it’s easy to waste time looking at properties that aren’t the right fit. So while working with a Denver real estate agent, plan to ask them these questions to discover the best home for you.


Does your dream match your budget?

You’ve been planning for the day when you can have your own home.  And for some young buyers, as they create a realistic budget (link to May Blog #1), they discover they’ll have to consider other options.  For a first-time purchase, choosing a condo or a townhouse can be a smarter move.  With the wonderful variety of styles and sizes, a Denver real estate agent can help you find some great properties that can sell well in the future (when you’re ready for your dream home).


What does your lifestyle require?

Whether you’re a couple planning to have children or a single professional constantly on the go, your home needs to support not just your daily routine, but your long-term plans.  Will you be needing extra bedrooms, larger bathrooms, or even a nice lawn in the future?  Be sure to talk with your Denver real estate agent about your plans for the next two to five years.


Will this be a long-term investment?

Denver is a highly transitional city, because many young adults have careers which can shift every 12 to 24 months.  But that doesn’t mean you should give up on purchasing a home.  Consider investing in a property which you can rent out until you’re ready to settle.  Or with a little advice from a Denver real estate agent, try out different rentals in thriving areas to discover what kind of a home you’ll want to purchase in the near future.


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