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Happy Pet Portrait
Happy Pet Portrait
Happy Pet Portrait

Name: Happy

Owner: Katy Ayers of the Bridge Team

How’d you come up with the name? She’s just a happy girl!

Breed: Goldendoodle

Gender: Female

Age: 1

Favorite toys: Anything that you can toss around

Likes: This girl loves the water and has since she was a wee-pup. Whether her water bowl or the sprinklers, if there is water around, she is sure to be soaking wet!

Most happy when: She is with her friends. She is quite social and always likes to play – especially fetch!

How would you describe her personality? Nonstop – like the energizer bunny.

What’s your favorite part about Happy? Her energy can be quite overwhelming, especially when other dogs are around. But one-on-one she is gentle and sweet and loves to snuggle…she is as soft as the softest fleece blanket, too.

What is her favorite spot in your home? Anywhere so long as she is not alone.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Animals are quite selfless and really the best friends ever – non-judgemental, always happy to see you, a shoulder to cry on, and great at keeping secrets!

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