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hank pet portrait
hank pet portrait
hank pet portrait

Name: Hank

Owner: Krissy Blackband

Nicknames: Hanky, Mr. Boink, Hank Hank Balank (a nickname given by his grandma)

Breed: We’re not sure specifically, but we see Pointer, Lab, and Catahoula

Age: 11

Likes: Jumping like a kangaroo when he meets new people, chasing light reflections (he’s part cat), barking at trucks and people that pass our house, escaping from our backyard, laying in the sun when it’s blazing hot.

Dislikes: Mail/delivery people

Most happy when: Running around and playing with our family – he’s like a kid!

How did you end up deciding to get Hank? We went to the Humane Society 10 years ago “just to look” and met him (and his sister Lucy) and couldn’t leave without them! We were so unprepared.

Can he do any tricks? His claim to fame – he won a puppy push-up contest when he was younger (the only part of training he was good at), and he’s good at sitting and laying down when there is a treat involved.

What’s his favorite food? Definitely peanut butter.

How would you describe Hank’s personality? Hank is truly a sweetheart. He can be super wild and act like a crazy nut, but once he calms down he is such a snuggly, sweet dog.

What’s your favorite part about him? How loyal and caring he can be. Seeing his tail wag when you make eye contact with him and having him lay his chin on you in the mornings in bed is just the sweetest.

What’s the naughtiest thing Hank has ever done? He is very mischievous so I have a few stories, but I think what takes the cake is when we first got him, in the first few weeks, and he was alone in my husband’s car, he chewed through the divider in the back of the car, chewed up the armrest of the driver seat, and then turned on the blinker, draining the battery of the car by the time my husband got back.

What is Hank’s favorite spot in your home? Definitely on our bed or on the couch, sleeping on his back with his feet and arms straight up.

What’s the best memory you have with him? When we went on a camping trip to Moab and he RAN a long trail, going ahead of us and coming back over and over, and when we were done he could barely move. Totally exhausted himself! At the campsite that night, we realized he wasn’t near our campfire and when we went to look for him, we found him in our tent in his dog bed! He was done.

What’s your favorite thing to do with Hank? Go for walks and hikes (the extent of it these days now that we have to young kids).

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? In our neighborhood, Platt Park.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? The unconditional love.

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