Guest Bathroom Essentials: Elevate Holiday Hospitality with Thoughtful Touches

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As the holiday season approaches, many people look forward to welcoming family and friends as overnight guests (and…some don’t look forward to it quite as much). While a guest room is often well stocked, one area that sometimes gets overlooked is the guest bathroom. A well-prepared guest bathroom can make a world of difference in ensuring your visitors feel relaxed and cared for during their stay. Here, six ideas to level up your space:

  1. Luxury Towels  – An extra set of super-soft, plush towels goes a long way. Karin Sun, founder of Crane & Canopy, suggests to The Spruce, “Bring the spa experience to your guests by setting out clean, soft towels for their use. [They] will be thankful for the possibility of a hot bath or shower at the end of a long day, and luxury towels in a soft white will lend your space the air of a boutique hotel.”
  2. Basket of BasicsReal Simple coins this term to include “a neat grouping of new toothbrushes, travel-size toiletries (including toothpaste and saline solution) and ‘just-in-case’ meds, so guests instantly feel cared for.”
  3. Toilet Paper – It sounds obvious, but…don’t forget it! “All the fancy hotel amenities in the world are going to be super well-received, but nothing will replace having an extra roll of toilet paper when your guests realize they’re running low. Find a spot to stock extra rolls or present them in an artfully arranged basket behind the toilet so they never have to mention they’re running low,” writes Kaitlyn McInnis in The Spruce. 
  4. Hotel-Quality Shampoo and ConditionerThe Spruce also recommends nice hair care products in the shower. “You might assume that your guests will travel with their own shampoo and conditioner—but it doesn’t hurt to make sure your guest bath is outfitted with some high-quality products just in case,” McInnis says. 
  5. Carafe of Water and Glass – For late-night thirst, Real Simple recommends to keep “a vessel freshly filled to prevent guests from having to hunt.”
  6. Robe and Slippers – For the true hotel-like experience, add in a bathrobe with matching slippers. “Keep your guests warm by leaving a fresh robe on a hook in the bathroom with a soft pair of slippers at the ready,” advises McInnis.

As you prepare to open your home to family and friends this holiday season, remember that the small gestures of hospitality can leave a lasting impression. Stocking your guest bathroom with thoughtful essentials is a simple yet meaningful way to make your guests’ stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

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