Google Fiber brings high-speed Internet to Lakewood

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Lakewood will become the first city in Colorado to receive Google Fiber’s “optic-based, fiber-to-the-home internet service,” reports the Denver Business Journal.

Google Fiber currently operates in 15 cities, according to the Journal. It also plans to expand to Des Moines, Iowa; Mesa, Arizona; and Omaha, Nebraska.

The service significantly improves Internet speed. “While the FCC benchmark for broadband internet speed is 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mpbs for uploads, Google Fiber boasts a top speed of 1,000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps) at the highest tier of service. That’s among the top speeds in the country,” reports Insider.

It also spurs competitive pricing. One executive of an IT strategy company told Insider, “Here in Austin, we have seen some of Google’s competitors cut prices by as much as 50% in response to the hype that accompanies Google Fiber.”

In 2019, Lakewood residents voted to authorize the city “to explore options to improve its broadband offerings,” notes the Journal. “Since then, Lakewood has been trying to draw additional high-speed internet providers.” The Google agreement is a result to the city’s efforts.

Construction will begin in Lakewood this year. It will likely take “several years,” says the Journal, before the project is completed. “Service will become available as the company completes segments of the network.”

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