Getting ready to pack for a move? Reduce your stress with these tips

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Moving is ranked as one of the top stresses of life. And no wonder: Change can be hard—and even harder is packing up all the things you’ve accumulated and carting them to a new location.

That’s why planning is essential. With careful strategies, you can reduce the stress and increase your efficiency. offers the following tips:

Pick the right date: The most popular time to move is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you choose the off-season, you’ll have a greater choice of dates and times. “Plus, you’ll save money by scheduling during a slower time of the year.” suggests moving mid-week and mid-month between October and April for optimal choices and savings.

Purge before packing: Why pack a broken toaster or clothes you haven’t worn in five years?  Go through all of your things and discard unwanted or unneeded items. “Less stuff equals less stress when it comes to packing,” notes It also means you’ll pay less to the moving company.

Budget for moving companies. First, consider if you’ll need full-service help (the company packs your things, transports them and unloads everything at your final destination); self-service help (only the transportation part of the move); or specialized help (moving unique items such as antiques, art, appliances and pianos).

Once this is determined, solicit three to four quotes from different companies. Be sure each company is properly licensed and insured, and ask for a “binding not-to-exceed” or “guaranteed not-to-exceed” estimate. This will guarantee that the moving costs won’t go over a certain amount.

Don’t forget to add in tipping: $10 per person for a half-day move; $20 per person for a full day move.

Consider moving insurance: “When you’ve taken care to pack only your most meaningful belongings, the last thing you want is to worry about them being damaged on their way to your destination,” notes Ask what insurance options the moving company provides.

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