Frozen Wonders Come to Life: Discover the Enchanting Ice Castles of Colorado

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After a two-year hiatus, the magical Ice Castles are making a triumphant return to Colorado this winter, unveiling their breathtaking winter attraction in a new location – Cripple Creek, located about two hours southwest of Denver. Construction started in November to transform the landscape into an icy wonderland.

The Ice Castles exhibition is known for its ice-carved tunnels, caverns, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, towers, and crawl spaces, paired with color-changing LED lights embedded in the ice. 

From 2017 to 2020, Ice Castles adorned Dillon with its winter magic. In 2021, the planned move to Silverthorne faced hurdles, leading to a hiatus. Now, the captivating frozen fortresses are back, promising a winter spectacle like no other in Cripple Creek.

“We are excited to be back in Colorado this winter,” said Ice Castles’ CEO Kyle Standifird to 9News. “Our team is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience in Cripple Creek that complements the natural beauty of the area while providing a unique and immersive experience for guests.”

A team of approximately 20 skilled ice artisans dedicate approximately eight weeks to bring the frozen spectacle to life. The winter attraction, a sprawling acre-sized playground, will be open and enchanting visitors until early March.

Cripple Creek, known for its annual Ice Festival in February, is eager to welcome Ice Castles as the star attraction this winter. 

Mayor Milford Ashworth told 9News, “Cripple Creek is ecstatic to host Ice Castles this year. We are the perfect frozen destination during wintertime and are looking forward to a beautiful season with Ice Castles at the forefront.”

Tickets to this icy marvel can be purchased at Brace yourselves for a winter filled with enchantment and frozen marvels as Ice Castles return to weave their magic across the snowy landscapes.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

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