Enjoy game day at one of Denver’s best sports bars

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You can always watch your favorite sports team from the quiet of your home. But for the real sports experience, wouldn’t it be better to be with fellow fans while  nachos, fries and beverages come your way with the wave of a hand?

If you answered yes to that question, thrillest has some suggestions for you.

The online publication? recently offered its opinion on the best sports bars in town. Here are some of its highly ranked spots:
Congress Park Taproom | Congress Park

From the Taproom’s 30 beer taps and four wine taps to its NFL, MLB, NHL, and college football packages on its big screen TVs, the drinking and viewing choices here are plentiful. And you can even order food from another restaurant to be delivered to your barstool. Let the deliberations begin!

Esters Pub | Virginia Village and South Park Hill

What makes Esters the go-to sports bar in two very different neighborhoods? thrillest ticks off the reasons: “They have amazing pizza (many of which are named after Phish songs), plentiful brews, a family friendly atmosphere and a killer brunch menu.” Oh yeah, and they have enough TVs to keep the sports events coming all day long.

College Inn |  Hale

This bar near Denver University has been around before televisions had big screens. Since 1958, the College Inn has remained one of the “last truly unapologetic dives in the city,” says thrillest. In case you missed it, that’s a compliment. It means “cheap drinks and daily specials… [And] if you’re feeling nostalgic, the green chili is basically a window back in time.” Settle in for an unpretentious good time.

Choppers | Cherry Creek

Named after former Nuggets trainer Robert “Chopper” Traviglini, this Cherry Creek sports bar has TVs galore and a menu built for true sports believers: “well-stacked burgers,” Philly eggrolls, wings, meatloaf…and more.

Stoney’s | Capitol Hill and North Capitol Hill

For sports at a fever pitch, Stoney’s is your place. thrillist calls its “staggeringly large” Capitol Hill location on Lincoln St. an “appropriately raucous setting…with room after room of TVs, fried food, and huge plastic cups full of suds.” The North Capitol Hill location gets a more qualified thumbs up. It’s “more lowkey,” says thrillest, “though not by much.”

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