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edison bunny pet portrait rabbit
edison bunny pet portrait rabbit
edison bunny pet portrait rabbit

Name: Edison

Owner: Kaitlyn Clark at Denver Christian School (babysat by our broker Amanda Maxwell)

From Amanda:

Tell us about his story and how you’ve gotten to know him: Edison is the classroom pet of my son’s former 1st grade class.  We met him about 2 years ago when he came home from school to stay for the weekend.  We fell in love!!  He is such the sweetest bunny and when we get the chance to have him stay we  JUMP for joy!

Where does Edison live? He belongs to Kaitlyn Clark who is a teacher at Denver Christian School where he lives August-May

Nicknames: Ed! Bunny Boy

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Likes:  Eating cardboard, being pet behind his ears, Easter baskets and boxes, exploring small spaces, bookshelves

Dislikes: Getting his photo taken

Most happy when: He is in his classroom with 20 7 year olds!

What’s Edison’s favorite food? BANANAS!!  He loves them.

How would you describe his personality? He is very mischievous, curious, stubborn, sweet and independent.

What’s the naughtiest thing Edison has ever done? He jumped into the duct work at our house and hopped around between the main level and the basement.  He wouldn’t come out so we tried to tear down the basement ceiling to get him out.  OR he decided to explore the fireplace (WHILE IT WAS OFF) and got covered in soot.

What’s your favorite thing to do with him? I love to sit with him in his pen and give him ear rubs.  He loves to be pet behind his ears and along his jaw line.

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