Easy instructions for making your own flower arrangements

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Nothing brightens up a home like colorful flower arrangements sprinkled throughout. And if that thought isn’t not enough to inspire you to start harvesting flowers from the garden, consider that making flower bouquets can also be creatively fulfilling – and rather simple, at that.

If you’re the kind that loves fresh flowers, DIY arranging is the way to go. Recently, Sunset magazine offered these tips from florist Joanna Letz:

Use flowers that are in season: Letz likes lace flower, snapdragon “Chantilly,” anise hyssop, dahlia and others.

Affix a holder inside the vessel: These are often called “frogs” and are used to anchor your flowers with precision. While florists used to use a foam square for this purpose, Sunset warns against this “because it’s terrible for the environment.”

Start by placing the greenery into the vessel: This builds a base for the bouquet.

Add flowers: Cluster species together or arrange flowers in color blocks. If you have a lazy Susan, use it to see the arrangement from all angles. If not, simply turn the vessel in different directions as you work to make sure the bouquet is well-balanced.

Aim for a loose structure: “I once heard that the concept is to leave enough space for a bird to fly through the arrangement,” Letz told Sunset. “This way, it won’t look too tight.”

Add fragrance: Drop herbs into the arrangement to lend it a beautiful scent. Herbs can also do double duty if you pluck them from the arrangement and drop them in your tea “at the end of your evening.” Then, says Sunset, “call it a night.”

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