Double islands, more color…and other kitchen trends for 2021

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Like fashion, home décor changes with the times, and nothing demonstrates this more than kitchen styles. From small oak cabinets to all-white versions that stretch to the ceiling, from avocado Formica to pure white quartz countertops, homeowners have been dressing—and re-dressing—kitchens for years.

What’s in store for 2021?

Veranda queried top designers for the latest trends:

Color: All-white kitchens have been important for several years, but experts see an infusion of color on the horizon. Homeowners, they note, “are seeking colorful options for walls, cabinets and even materials, like Quartzite for the countertops instead of a white material.”

Tile: Once upon a time, tile was reserved for backsplashes. Not anymore. “It’s going up, up and away to the ceiling these days for a fresh, new look,” reports Veranda. There is also a renewed interest in mosaics and textured stone tile.

Organization: With people working from home during the pandemic, the need for less cluttered spaces and better organization has become paramount. Some are solving the problem with double kitchen islands, when space allows, with one island serving for food prep and the other for office or school work. Homeowners are also equipping islands with charging and storage ports so that electronics “can stay out of the way while getting charged up.”

Walk-in pantries: There’s nothing more effective when it comes to organizing your kitchen. No wonder they’re enjoying a resurgence. Food items can share space with pots and pans, small appliances, and wine selections, removing clutter from the kitchen itself.

Goodbye to stainless steel hoods: Many homeowners are opting for hoods made with materials that blend with the rest of the kitchen or stepping outside of the box with hoods decorated with metals other than steel.

Outdoor kitchens: As more people to spend time in their outdoor living spaces due to the pandemic, the outdoor kitchen has become a “must-have” for many. “Clients want a grill, smoker, pizza oven in proximity to the kitchen—not necessarily a full outdoor kitchen—for dining and entertaining out in the landscape,” one designer told Veranda.

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