Don’t work up a sweat pulling your bike out of a crowded garage. Use these easy storage ideas instead

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There are two ways bicyclists get exercise: One is when the cyclist takes the bike out for a spin. The other is during the struggle to drag the bike out of the garage before the spin.

If you’re like many, you prop your bicycle against a wall somewhere in the garage, behind random items like the lawnmower and snow shovels. Pulling it out builds up a sweat – and requires care not to knock everything over in the process.

But there are far better ways to store your bike. Here are some ideas from

Install garage wall clamps: These allow you to store your bike vertically against a wall.

Install J-hooks: These inexpensive rubber-coated hooks ($2 at Home Depot) screw into the ceiling of your garage or utility room. Hang the bike vertically from one hook, or horizontally with two.

Mount a bike rack inside your home: “No garage or rafters?” asks “Look to the walls inside your living space instead.” Choose a wall-mounted bike rack that allows you to keep the bike flat against the wall.

Treat it like wall art: “Some may see their bike as a piece of art and want to hang it on the wall for all to see,” one storage expert told Use a decorative mount for your bike, as if it were wall art.

Storage cabinet: Choose a garage storage system that includes room for large items. You can then hide your bike away behind a cabinet door—and far from those annoying shovels that are always in your way.

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