Don’t count it out: Fall offers unique advantages to home buyers and sellers

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When it comes to the best season to buy and sell homes, spring tends to get top billing. The beautiful weather invites buyers to get out and shop; lawns are greening and trees are leafing out, making properties look particularly appealing. Meanwhile, families with school-age children are anxious to cement a deal before the next school year begins.

But if spring gets the biggest buzz, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the buying/selling window for this year. Fall is an excellent time for home sales, with special characteristics that can give you an advantage over other seasons. For example:

People are more serious: After summer vacations and long days at the pool, both buyers and sellers are getting into a back-to-business mindset. There are fewer people in the “let’s just see what happens” category and more with a “let’s get it done” mentality.

There’s a sense of urgency: With the holidays fast approaching, buyers feel compelled to find a home and settle in before company comes, and sellers don’t want home shoppers traipsing through their haven when guests are arriving and activities are ramping up.

It’s more reliable: Coming off slow winter seasons, spring markets can be unpredictable, reacting to financial realities that have been building since January. By contrast, the fall market takes its cues from spring and summer. There are less surprises, and buyers and sellers have a better sense of the market.

There’s less competition: Because people tend to list homes more frequently in spring and summer, fall is generally a less frenzied time. Competition eases, meaning sellers aren’t competing with as many other homes and buyers aren’t being outbid by a horde of shoppers.

It’s beautiful: True, spring is a glorious time to shop for homes in the Denver-metro area. But fall is an equally gorgeous season. Homes look wonderful surrounded by fall colors, and buyers enjoy touring homes amidst the autumn scenery.

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