Don’t Celebrate the Sale until the Deal Closes

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Closing Day - RE/Max of Cherry CreekWhen a seller accepts your offer to buy, you might think it’s time to uncork that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving and celebrate. But real estate agents advise caution. Until the contract is signed, they note, the deal is still in play.

Here are three potential issues that can snag the deal before it’s done:

The appraisal: When appraisals come in lower than the buyers’ perceived value of the home, this can give buyers pause, as well as affect any potential loan they were counting on. Indeed, the appraisal process if fraught with uncertainties. Regulations introduced in recent years, for example, have produced unqualified appraisers who may not know how to properly estimate a home’s value. And many expert appraisers have become more conservative in their valuations in the wake of the economic downturn. Bottom line?: The home appraisal  can make or break a deal.

Readying the paperwork: Gathering the documentation to buy a home, such as tax returns, loan pre-approvals, credit scores and so on, can be trying. Buyers sometimes fail to follow through, or can’t provide the necessary documents, and as a result, they can’t close the sale.

Negotiating the offer: Even after the offer has been agreed upon, the other party can react to new information.  Some buyers may lower their offer significantly after an inspection turns up excessive repair demands, for example. The final selling price isn’t firm until closing day.

In short, it’s common for obstacles to arise after you’ve received the initial contract and before you’ve officially closed on your home. Working with a ReMax real estate agent who carefully walks with you through these delicate stages of the purchase may be the key to your success.

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