Developers plan more apartments for Southglenn shopping area

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When Southglenn Mall, in Centennial, opened 46 years ago, it brought large retailers like Sears and Macy’s to the locale, along with smaller shops for an indoor shopping experience.  In 2009, the area was re-envisioned with an open-air concept and residential buildings.

Now Sears has left the shopping area, some expect Macy’s to close in the future, and redevelopment is in the air.

Last year, developers Northwood Ravin, which owns the Sears property, and Alberta Development, which controls most of the shopping area, proposed to turn Sears into mostly apartments, with possible retail outlets on the ground floor.  Alberta considered adding apartments, office space, retail and entertainment on the site of Macy’s in future years

Community members were less-than-enthused. Nearby residents were concerned that the initial plans would bring increased traffic and lower property values. They also expressed a desire for alternate development, including a small amphitheater, a water park or hall for food vendors.

The plans are currently in flux, pending city approval. The developers are considering 1,071 new apartments, which includes 148 currently allowed but not yet built. The new units would likely be high end and approximately five stories high. Additions to the area might also include office space.

Citizens are still voicing concerns: “We have reminded the developers in each meeting that our ideal outcome is to prevent any and all new building of rental residential on this side of town in the middle of our beautiful suburban neighborhoods,” Ron Phelps said in a statement reported by the Parker Chronicle. Phelps organized the Neighbors for The Streets at SouthGlenn last year to advocate for changes to the development vision. “That said, one doesn’t always get what one wants,” he added. “I believe in being practical and realistic.”

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