Denver’s Illuminating Innovation: Poplight Brightens Homes with a Wireless Glow

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle | 0 comments

When Denver couple Caroline Matthes and Rose Matthes moved into their first home in the Santa Fe Arts District, they wanted to install lighting in their bedroom, but since the house was built in 1890, the cost of installing a traditional wall sconce was out of reach. From this darkness, a spark grew, and the duo invented Poplighta stylish, rechargeable wall sconce that doesn’t require hard-wiring and can be easily installed (and uninstalled) in mere seconds.

Ideal for reading nooks, bedrooms, home offices, nurseries, or anywhere else you need a glow, the Poplight base adheres to most finished wall surfaces with ease without the use of special tools, and the built-in level ensures it’s perfectly aligned. Then, simply swivel and click Poplight onto its base and…you’re done!

A removable battery, which powers an eco-friendly LED, lasts for nine hours at full brightness before it needs a charge. If you want to move your light, simply remove the base by pulling down slowly on the double-sided sticky tape, and Poplight pops off without damaging your walls.

The Poplight app – available for iOS and Android – lets you group and control your Poplights together, adjust brightness, choose between color temperatures, set a sleep timer, and more. Poplight is currently available in six colors at

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