Denver to close streets for community gatherings

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During the height of the pandemic, Denverites learned that redefining the use of public spaces — such as dining on sidewalks or bicycling through streets closed to cars — can be fun as well as functional.

So if the idea was good then, why not now?

That’s the thinking behind a new upcoming event dubbed Viva! Streets Denver: four days (May 14, June 4, July 9 and August 6) when the city will close parts of Broadway and Welton Street to cars between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., allowing citizens to gather, stroll and bicycle in the opened space.

“The pandemic gave us an opportunity to experiment with the use of our streets in new and different ways, emphasizing walking, biking and other modes over cars, and this will take that experience to a whole new level,” Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement to Denverite.

In addition to the pandemic, the idea was inspired by a trip Hancock and other city leaders took to Mexico City in June 2022, where they observed a similar city event called “ciclovia,” Spanish for “bikeway.”

“Everybody just saw how it brought the community together… And that vibe really stuck with us,” Andrew Iltis, vice president of planning and community impact at the Downtown Denver Partnership, told Denverite.

Iltis also noted that Broadway and Welton were chosen “because those streets go through some of Denver’s most established historic and cultural neighborhoods and have the density and businesses to support a ciclovia.”

Downtown Denver Partnership is currently recruiting volunteers and groups to help with the events. Email for more information.

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