Child Abuse Awareness Month | April

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, an important and special time for our RMCC Gives partner – CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties.  We’re thrilled to have CASA as our partner during this month to help spread awareness and contribute to their wonderful cause!

We’re also learning about the many things we can do in our own community to support healthy, loving families that in turn creates long-term well-being for children. Most parents need people they can look to in difficult times: a sympathetic listener or someone who can share advice or much-needed support. According to CO4Kids, “research has shown that parents who are isolated with few social connections are at higher risk for child abuse and/or neglect.” This shows just how much we are needed to provide the support that is crucial to ensure kids’ health and safety. In even small ways, we can help our communities.

Here are just a few ideas below from CO4Kids that highlight what we can all do in our own neighborhoods:

  • Offer to babysit so parents can get a little break
  • Be a listening ear for a neighbor who is struggling
  • Coordinate a meal sign-up calendar for new parents or a neighborhood family in need
  • Organize a block party so families can meet each other
  • Start or participating in a carpool to help families
  • Increase social connections by introducing yourself to a new neighbor or saying hello to your neighbors by name
  • Get to know the children in your neighborhood and ask them how they are doing
  • Ask a family if they need something picked up the next time you run to the store
  • Invite a neighborhood family to your home for dinner
  • Donate children’s used clothing, furniture, and toys for use by another family

CLICK HERE to view more ideas, including suggestions for employers, spiritual communities, and the service industry.

Find more information and learn how to get involved: CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties  | CO4Kids | Illuminate Colorado | Pinwheels for Prevention

And don’t forget to donate to CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties to support their incredible work! 

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