Celebrate The Season With Easy-To-Plant Container Gardens

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Celebrate The Season With Easy-To-Plant Container Gardens - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate
There’s no better way to brighten up a patio or front porch than to plant container gardens. Alone, or placed in groups, they add splashes of color and interest that can bring joy to homeowners throughout the summer season.

While they often look as if they have been intricately planned, they are, in fact, quite simple to put together. Spotlight Magazine offers these easy steps:

1. Pick out a pot: Small or large, plain clay or beautifully glazed, tall or squat – the choices are endless. “Pick what catches your eye,” says Spotlight. And be sure the choice has holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

2. Buy quality potting soil: Good soil is one of the most important factors in creating a thriving environment for plants. Look for high-quality, sterile potting soil. (Spotlight suggests Ultimate Potting Mix.)

3. Consider sunlight: Study the sun exposure on your patio or porch. Can it accommodate plants that enjoy full sun, or will you need to stick with those that thrive in partial sun or shade?

4. Shop for a focal plant: This is the plant that will provide drama and height to your arrangement. Consider spikes, tall grasses or structures to which you can train a vine.

5. Pick out medium-height plants: Think of the colors you’d like to display in the mid-point of your arrangement. “Whether you like soft, water-colored blooms or intense fire colors, pick the colors that make you smile,” says Spotlight. We particularly love this reassurance: “There are no wrong answers here!”

6. Pick out plants that will spill over the edge of the container: This adds a fullness to the arrangement and can make the garden appear much larger than it is. Think of lush, fast-growing plants, such as sweet potato vines, vinca vines, wave petunias and so on.

7. Start planting: Fill the pot with your soil, leaving two inches at the top. If the garden will be seen from all sides, place the focal plant in the middle. If it will be seen from only one side, place it to the back. Then add the medium height plants and finally the trailing items at the edge of the pot.

8. Fertilize and enjoy!: Choose a high-quality fertilizer and check the directions for frequency of application. Some fertilizers require daily use; others only every few weeks.


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