Bounce, Buzz, Fly and Dance: Unconventional Fitness Trends to Kickstart 2024

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When the calendar flips to January, the air is filled with resolutions and a collective chant of “new year, new me.” Gyms witness an influx of eager individuals, armed with resolutions get in shape. While traditional spin classes and weight rooms might be the go-to for many, there exists a realm of unique and offbeat fitness concepts waiting to be explored, including these unique gyms in the Denver area:

  • Plate Strength (3537 W. 44th Ave) – The first studio in Colorado that brings the science of “whole body vibration” to fitness, this gym offers a workout on a “Power Plate” with a consistent and controlled level of vibration in three directions. This activates muscles to contract 30-50 times per second with a list of health benefits including increased blood and oxygen circulation, reduction of inflammation, reduced strain on joints, and more.
  • Block21 Fitness (930 N. Lincoln St.) – Aiming to bridge the gap between working out and having a dance party, this studio offers cardio dance classes for all levels. They promise something for everyone – even if you don’t have rhythm! Their goal: “to make you feel good in your body while getting sweaty and shaking your booty for 50 minutes.”
  • Krystallos Movement (300 Josephine Street, #210) – Offering rebounding classes on mini trampolines, Krystallos looks to give individuals the “opportunity to tap deeper into their physical and mental wellbeing.” This studio also features mobility and meditation classes.
  • Denver Circus Collective (4459 Jason St., Unit 3) – With classes relating to “circus arts of all kinds,” here you can find instruction on aerial dance, Acro yoga, handstands, and trapeze. There are beginner-friendly classes, too, and the Collective’s mission is “to build authentic community through movement and art.”
  • Kangoo Club (2949 Federal Blvd.) – This traveling fitness program has classes using “rebound shoes” – just like a kangaroo! Promoting a joint-friendly cardio workout that’s “exhilarating and intense,” you wear shoes that are the equivalent of a mini trampoline to challenge all muscles in the body. Classes are held Mondays at 6:30 pm inside Nurture. 

So, whether you’re looking to bounce, buzz, fly or dance, Denver has something for you! If the usual routines leave you yearning for something different, consider breaking the mold and trying out one of these unique gyms.

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