Black History Month | February 2021

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Black History Month is an important time to honor the achievements of the black community and take the time to appreciate their contributions to our country’s history. It takes action from each and every one of us to make necessary changes in our society, and to do this we need to learn about black history, promote awareness and antiracism, and work to create social justice for everyone. And while we take the time to celebrate Black History Month every February, it’s important to continue learning throughout the year, as well as into the future. We hope that every year more people will be inspired to take action.

What can you do? has some great suggestions that can help inspire us to make key changes in our society and within ourselves:

Visit a museum

There are wonderful museums all around Colorado that can teach us more about black history in our own state. CLICK HERE to see a list from History Colorado.

Contact your elected official

Contact members of Congress, ask about any legislative actions they have planned to improve interracial relations in our community and beyond. CLICK HERE to find out our state’s representatives.

Read up

Visit the library – or better yet, support Shop At Matter, a black-owned bookstore here in Denver, and take the time to read and learn more. Need some ideas for which books to read? Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for some great lists of recommended reading.

Join us in this journey, and be sure to share any resources you may find along the way!

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