Big style for tiny spaces: How to outfit a micro office

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With so many people working at home now, the question is no longer how to work from home, it’s where. Without an entire room to dedicate to an office, where can you squeeze in a desk and chair – and all the other elements needed for your job?

Designers call such spaces “micro offices” — small spots tucked away from the activity of home, where homeowners can work by day and clean things up by night.

To create your own micro office, here are some tips from Archilogic and The Spruce:

Where to make the office:

  • Turn a closet into an office by removing the door and using curtains to hide the space when the office is not in use, suggests The Spruce.
  • Put an unused corner of a room to work by placing a desk cater-corner in the space.
  • Mount a floating wall unit on a wall behind a sofa. It can serve as a desk and offer drawer storage, while looking like a stylish shelf when work items are put away.
  • Find a niche under a stairway.

Decorating tips:

  • Keep everything on a small scale. “Trick the eye to create an impression of more space. Scale all features, from desks to plants, to your environment; just a few inches can make the difference,” writes Archilogic.
  • Buy “leggy” desks and chairs rather than chunky furniture to take up less eye-space.
  • Put up mirrors to make a small space look larger and “increase light flow,” says Archilogic.
  • Create a desk that’s wide enough to place bookshelves below it and still accommodate a chair pushed beneath.

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