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batman pet portrait
batman pet portrait
batman pet portrait

Name: Batman (yes, a girl named Batman)

Owner: Katy Ayers

How’d you come up with her name? When I was rescued, my tiny human Charlie was 5 years old and obsessed with all the superheroes. I guess when he saw my silky black coat and uncanny resemblance to Batman and the rest is history.

Nicknames: Batty

Breed/Gender/Age: Lab Mix/Female/5 years old 

Favorite toys: Any ball will do, but a bright yellow, fresh-out-of-the-can tennis ball is my fav.

Most happy when: I am most happy when I am playing fetch with my humans, getting a belly rub, or when I get to meet any of the cute, cuddly, foster puppies that stay at our house.  

Least happy when: I am happy all the time!

What’s her favorite food? Chicken and Cheese…amIright?!

What’s the naughtiest thing Batman has ever done? One time my human baked and decorated an entire batch of dog treats just for me! Unfortunately, she was called to an appointment and left the plate on the counter without even letting me try one! So, I helped myself. Delish! They were scrumptious down to the very last crumb. Turns out, they were not dog treats, they were cookies. I was in the “dog house” but not for long! Humans can’t resist my puppy dog eyes and smile.  

What is her favorite spot in your home? Basically anywhere my human mom is…I wake up with her, go outside with her, cook breakfast/lunch/dinner with her, go to be with her. It is a good life.

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Our neighborhood, Bible Park, of course. Though I do love a good car ride and enjoy sitting lake-side at Wash Park. I make friends wherever I go.  

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