Bailey + Tucker

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Names: Bailey & Tucker

Owners: Rene Harding & Cliff Armstrong

Nicknames: Bailey-Peanut / Tucker Big Boy

Breed: Westies

Gender: Bailey – Female / Tucker – male

Age: Both are 4 years

Favorite toys: Bailey a tennis ball / Tucker a stuffed animal named Chester

Likes: Tucker likes watching T.V. and barking at all the animals/Bailey likes chasing squirrels

Dislikes: Going to the dog groomer

Most happy when: Going for ride or a walk at Wash Park

Can they do any tricks? Their best trick is making Rene and Cliff wait on them.

What are their favorite foods? Rawhide dog sticks wrapped in dried duck, they get them for Happy Hour each night while we get wine.

How would you describe their personalities? Bailey, tough as tar / Tucker a big fraidy cat

What are your favorite parts about them? Bailey, she growls at Cliff when he gives her a washa washa / Tucker when he needs to be held by Rene when he’s scared.

What are their favorite spots in your home? Wherever we are.

What’s your favorite thing to do with them? Go for a ride, they show property with us all the time.

What is your go-to neighborhood for walks? Wash Park and Cory-Merrill

What’s the most rewarding part about being a pet owner? Having no space in the bed to sleep, and cuddling.

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