As the weather turns cold, Colorado hot springs beckon

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As the cold sets in, some might feel like turning up the heat and hibernating until spring. But we have a much better idea: Why not take a trip to a hot springs and nourish yourself, body and soul, in healing natural mineral waters?

Oh, and don’t forget that those hot springs come with awesome mountain scenery, to boot.

As 5280 magazine suggests: “[G]rab your favorite swimsuit and hit the road—it’s soaking time.”

Here are 4 choices from 5280, both near and a day trip away:

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop: This resort has been soothing visitors for more than 140 years. Sit in rugged rock pools by the Chalk Creek river or soak in one of three man-made swimming pools, two a bit rustic, another more upscale.  Situated at the foot of fourteener Mt. Princeton, the resort also offers overnight accommodations.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs: Relatively new to Glenwood Springs, Iron Mountain offers 16 small pools (children under 5 not permitted)—all with mountain views. The pools range from 98 to 108 degrees. There is also a large family pool that’s 94 degrees. Notes 5280: “Don’t get too distracted by the pools to forget to take a look around—here, you’re surrounded by sweeping mountain views.”

Ouray Hot Springs, Ouray: If you feel like a road trip, Ouray boasts amazing scenery and five “manmade, odorless pools,” notes 5280. Temperatures range from 78 to 106 degrees. And if you don’t feel like sitting in one spot like a slug, head to the lap pool, climbing walls, water obstacle course and two water slides.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs: About 20 minutes from the center of Steamboat, these hot springs include five pools, ranging from 103 to 109 degrees. If you’re of the polar bear variety, feel free to jump into the “freezing cold Hot Springs Creek” to cool off. Note: 5280 warns that the road to these springs can get rough in the winter. Be sure your car is properly equipped from November 1 through May 1 – or take a shuttle from town.)

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