After the pandemic, Colorado remains a popular place to live

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The worst of the pandemic is behind us. So how is Denver and the rest of the state faring?

Very well, according to a recent study.

Completed by a nonpartisan think take at the University of North Carolina, the study ranked Denver the 6th fasting growing city in the nation, as reported by Axios Denver.

The report found two major reasons for the growth: “Denver has become a magnet for professionals working from home amid a nationwide migration away from more densely urban areas,” notes Axios.

In addition, the city retains its appeal to natives and young workers. “About 70% of millennials who lived in Denver at age 16 decided to stay or return by age 26,” according to the US Census Bureau, as reported by Axios.

Those ranking above Denver, according to the report, are: the San Francisco Bay area (1); Austin, Texas (2); Seattle (3); Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina (4); and Dallas, Texas (5).

When it comes to the entire state, Axios reported that Colorado had positive inbound migration from January 2021 to February 2022, even as the pandemic continued to impact life.

“264,680 people moved into Colorado, while 248,150 people moved away,” Axios noted, citing statistics from Moody Analytics. “That’s a net gain of 16,530 people.”

Ranking top for inbound migration:  Montana, Idaho and Florida.

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