A toast to Denver’s best-kept secrets: speakeasies

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They were hidden and disguised back in the Prohibition days, so patrons could avoid detection by police. Now, alcohol is legal, and speakeasies aren’t as daring as they once were. But they are still some of the best kept secrets in town.

Denver has a number of speakeasies tucked into unexpected places that are a delight to discover. Here are a few recommended by thrillist:

Williams & Graham, LoHi:  In this surprising establishment, you’ll enter what looks like a bookstore, then head into another room through a door disguised as a bookcase. There, you’ll find a cozy bar with seven tables—and the delightful feel of doing something illicit, even if we turned the page on Prohibition decades ago.

The Cruise Room, Lodo: This Denver landmark opened the day after the repeal of Prohibition, according to thrillist, which reports that rumor of secret panels and underground tunnels still persist “from its clandestine moonshine past.” The Art Deco design and soft lights that cast a red glow across the room made this a popular experience then – and now.

Run For The Roses, Lodo: “Picture your rich uncle’s secret study/gambling hall/ cocktail lounge” and you have this pleasurable gathering spot tucked quietly into the Dairy Block alley. “It’s easy to miss this hidden gem,” notes thrillist, but those who know, know.” Now you can count yourself among them.

Retrograde, North Capitol Hill: It may look like an ice cream shop, but head through an unmarked “freezer” door and you’ll find a “cozy ‘60s throwback bar” where you can order a drink from “one of Denver’s best spots for creative cocktails.” Then again, if the setting has got your sweet-tooth buzzing, you can also order…well, ice cream. Try the miso salted caramel or buttermilk sweet corn flavors.

Millers & Rossi, RiNo: At first glance, you’ll find yourself in “a trendy art gallery.” But keep walking past the art and you’ll see a door that leads to a “dimly lit lounge bar.” While drinking in the classy setting, you can also order small bites, such as charcuterie and raspberry chipotle wings.

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