8 tips to make your porch more inviting

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There’s something about a summer day and an inviting porch that’s irresistible. Who doesn’t want to take a few minutes to survey the world from a cozy porch?

But making the porch feel welcoming takes more than throwing out a few chairs; it takes design sense. To make the most of your porch—either front or back–House Beautiful offers these decorating tips:

Offer multiple seating arrangements.  This “will help you accommodate more people while also ensuring you get more use out of the space,” notes the magazine.

Build in a fireplace: Not all porches are big enough to accommodate a fireplace, but if there’s enough space on the back porch, consider including one. It will provide a focal point for folks to gather around and nicely extend your living space into the outdoors.

Hang a bird feeder nearby: Not only will it give the porch a homier feel, but it will provide its own entertainment by attracting different bird species to observe.

Include pops of color: “[A]dd a splash of color with bright chair cushions,” suggests House Beautiful. You might also consider painting the ceiling overhanging the porch the same color “to make a statement.”

Coordinate with the interior of the house: Choose designs that capture the same mood as the home itself. For example, Adirondack chairs continue the theme of a cabin-style house. Seaside elements, such as a surfboard leaning against a wall, complement a beach house. It also helps to continue the color scheme used on the inside of the house to give the home and porch flow and consistency.

Don’t worry about matching everything: Eclectic pieces that have the feel of being thrown together (albeit in a well-thought-out way) will be much more enticing than overly fussy décor.

Hang wind chimes: Soft chimes can add a sweet ambiance. Choose tones that are appealing to you. Similarly, string lights can add a festive feel to any porch.

Change out throw pillows: An easy way to update your porch is to trade out throw pillows from time to time. “Have fun with color, and bring in some floral motifs to reflect the surrounding landscape,” notes the magazine.

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