6 ways to make your home look timeless

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Remember the days of avocado countertops and orange shag carpet? Once those items were desired. Now we look back with amusement.

The moral of the story? Trends come and go. And to follow the latest craze is to doom yourself to constantly updating your home.

There’s no need to be a trend chaser to have a home that looks up to date and of the moment. “The best interior design trends are the ones that never go out of style. They are timeless, sophisticated and clever,” notes The White Interior blog. “These trends have been designed with conscious thinking in order to survive over time. They will make you enjoy your home design for a long time and in the same way, they will save you money.”

Here are some of the blog’s tips:

Keep it simple.

“Simplicity is clean, sophisticated and always trendy. Without any doubt, it always looks better [having] a spacious and clean room that one that is full of stuff,” notes the blog.

Go neutral.

Every year, designers flock to a new color palette. It’s what keeps homeowners buying new items and craving design changes. Instead of constantly changing paint, choose shades that are always appropriate, such as white, gray, and earth tones. You’ll find many options within those basic palettes to change a room’s tone and mood.

White is always right.

“White interiors never go out of style,” notes the blog. “A white design is always elegant and sophisticated, giving your rooms a clean and fresh look.”  You can choose different textures and tones to add depth to your white design.

Go natural.

Stone, marble and wood are timeless choices that add warmth and appeal to any décor.

Put color in your accessories.

If you like the new greens or adore trending geometric patterns, add them to your décor with throw pillows, rugs and other items that are easy to change when the trend dies. Here, too, keep things simple, and don’t overdo it.

Choose what you love.

When you really like a specific style, don’t worry if it is on-trend or not, just go for it. If it brings you joy and happiness, it means that this is the style for you and your home. If you love it, you will enjoy it for a long time,” note the website.

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