6 ways to keep your home safe from theft

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Even seasoned homeowners might be unfamiliar with simple ways to protect their homes. While no one should live in fear of a break-in, it pays to be diligent and take basic security precautions.

“Securing a home doesn’t have to mean building a prison that traps residents inside to keep intruders out; it can often be achieved by using a few creative home security ideas…,” notes a recent article on BobVilla.com.

What to do? Here are a few tips from the website:

Keep doors and windows locked: You might just be in the backyard or chatting with a neighbor. But if you don’t lock up the house, you’re creating the perfect opportunity for someone to slip inside while you’re occupied elsewhere.

Change the locks on a new home: It seems to go without saying that you’ll want new locks for your new home: After all, who knows how many people had access to the house through the previous owner? Change or rekey the locks when you move in, or purchase electronic locks that you can easily recode. Put spare keys in a safe or lockbox.

Light up your home’s exterior: Not only do lights scare off potential robbers, but they also add value to your home by enhancing curb appeal. Install lights near entry points to your home. Also consider motion-detector lighting to attract attention, should there be movement in the area. And infrared detectors will trigger lights “even if the criminal is just outside of a motion sensor’s range or is moving especially slowly to avoid detection.”

Install video cameras in your front and back yards: No criminal wants to be caught on camera, and just the sight of video cameras can deter thieves.

Create a secure location for your packages. Nothing is more tempting for thieves than a pile of Amazon boxes stacked on your front porch. Designate a place hidden from street view for packages, and notify delivery people of the spot when placing the order, or with a sign that’s also out of street view.

Install a security system:  While this is the most expensive option, it allows for the greatest peace of mind. You can choose from basic to wildly extravagant systems. Either way, one of the best benefits is deterrence. The security company sign alone often scares away anyone with ill intentions.

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