6 creative options for turning a boring blank wall into a stunner

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There’s nothing sadder than a big, blank wall.

Just ask the folks at Real Simple magazine: “Unless you’re a hyper minimalist who prefers the bare look, empty wall space can feel like a big, flashing light that reads ‘unfinished,’” it reports.

You could throw up a gallery of art or photos. But why not remake that wall with something all your own?  After all, “Adorning walls with art and décor is often the final puzzle piece that can make a space really feel like home…”

Here are some of Real Simple’s on-the-wall ideas:

Hang ceramics: Think 3-dimensional. “Whether hanging a small sculpture intended for wall décor or refashioning a decorative plate as wall art, ceramics can add an unexpected element to an otherwise flat wall,” notes Real Simple.

Choose scenic wallpaper: As an example, the magazine shows a photo of wallpaper adorned with artful cacti on a kitchen wall— just the kind of scene to banish the daily doldrums. You can also choose “a painterly design or a whimsical storybook style” to change your wall from blah to bold.

Frame something: We’re not talking about the usual picture or photo. Instead, take a unique item and give it the spotlight. Real Simple’s content creator framed a retro swimsuit and hung it atop bold floral wallpaper in her eye-catching bathroom. The magazine suggests homeowners check out antique shops for interesting items to frame.

Hang large mirrors:  Mirrors can make your room look bigger and “bounce light across the room.” Look for large decorative options – or consider hanging “an eclectic mix of vintage mirrors for a charm-filled wall display.”

Buy a large art piece: It can be hard to gather enough wall art to fill up a blank wall. So why not just go big? Find one large art piece that can dominate the wall all by itself.

Hang shelves/cabinets: Kill two birds with one stone by hanging shelves or units with cabinets. You can display interesting objects while also increasing your storage space.

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