5 ways to make your front porch more inviting

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Now that warm weather is here, our front porches can be a welcoming spot to sit and visit with neighbors and guests. But many homeowners treat their front porches as afterthoughts, missing the opportunity to make it as inviting as their interiors.

“As the first glimpse into your home, your porch should be an extension of your interior décor while also amping up your house’s curb appeal for passersby and approaching guests alike,” notes Southern Living magazine.

Just a few simple ideas can change your front porch from foreboding to friendly:

Create a seating area: “If you only have room on your porch for a couple of rocking chairs or a bench, that’ll do it,” notes Southern Living. But if your porch is on the big side, add more chairs and a rug to tie it all together.

Add lighting: You’ll want to see your visitors’ faces in the evening hours, without making them squint from lights that are too bright. Twinkle lights on the inside of the porch ceiling are a nice option, as are sconces and hanging lanterns, as well as “old-fashioned candle light.”

Add plants: “There’s no such thing as too many porch plants,” reports the magazine. Plant pots with a variety of flowers to add different colors – or “stick with a monochrome palette of green plants and black planters for a more minimalist look.” Trees placed in pots create height; window boxes add charm; and, “of course, hanging ferns or flower pots” is a classic look that is always in style.

Don’t overlook the front door: The front door is the focal point of the porch. Highlight it by putting planters on both sides of it; painting the door a contrasting color from the house, and adding an attractive doormat.

Replace old street numbers: “Stylish street numbers are a great way to distinguish your house and add some creative flair,” notes Southern Living, which suggests using large wooden numbers or painting numbers to match your house.

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