5 ways to add eye-catching drama in your home with tile 

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Tile has become an integral element in home design, whether as an elegant backsplash in the kitchen or a pop of interest in the bathroom.

And no wonder. 

“Like paint, tile adds color, whether subtle or strong. Like wallpaper, it comes in countless patterns to provide visual intrigue. And tile brings two crucial additional elements to the design party: texture and dimension,” notes a recent House Beautiful article.

It can also add drama to small spaces, providing a wonderfully unexpected visual lift.

House Beautiful suggests homeowners consider adding tile in these places:

A wall niche: If your home has recessed areas (for example, many older Denver homes have phone niches), tile can emphasize these architectural elements in interesting ways. “A bit of shimmer—think glass tiles or those with a textured finish…—will subtly reflect light back onto whatever you’re displaying,” notes the magazine. “Or, play with color contrast: Use tiles in muted colors as a backdrop for a bold, eye-catching painting, for example. Splash out with more saturated colors or assertive patterns behind a collection of clear glassware.”

The fireplace: Tile in a fireplace surround is becoming increasingly popular. It makes the fireplace “come alive even when no fire is lit…And it’s a fast fix for that outdated surround that’s been boring you forever,” reports House Beautiful.

In a spot where you might use an area rug: Tile can help define a space. For example, you might consider adding tile to the floor where a runner might normally be placed or to the area below a dining room table to outline the space.

In an entryway: “Whether the entrance to your home is a full-on foyer, a short hallway, or simply a threshold space as guests step in, defining it with statement-making tile gives a sense of occasion to every arrival,” notes House Beautiful. In addition, reports the magazine, tile is hardier than wood or carpet in these well-used places.

In the bathroom: Tile is, of course, a staple in showers, but designers are now adding tile in other areas of the bathroom as accents: For example, “how about an entire accent wall?” suggests House Beautiful. “Floor-to-ceiling tile makes an impactful design statement in larger rooms and gives big personality to a powder room.”

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