5 Simple Tips For Hanging Curtains

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5 Simple Tips For Hanging Curtains  - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estateWe all know that hanging curtains isn’t rocket science. So why does the task always seem so daunting? If you’re like us, forever postponing the project for fear of making a mistake, here are some guidelines to simplify things:

Hang ‘em high: For the best aesthetic, you want your windows to appear as large as possible. To give the illusion of height, position the curtain rod a minimum of 4 inches and a maximum of 12 inches above the top of the window, rather than directly above the edge of the window frame.

Go wide:  Aiming, again, for the illusion of size, avoid installing the curtain rod flush with the sides of the window. Instead, extend it at least 3 inches beyond on each side. Not only will it make the windows appear grander, but this method will let in more light.

Open up: When the curtains are open (in other words, gathered together at the sides of the window), each panel should measure 12 inches wide, and only three inches of the panel should overlap into the glass portion of the window.

Use tension: If your living situation prevents you from putting holes in the wall (perhaps you’re landlord doesn’t approve, or the wall is made of plaster wallboard), use a tension rod instead of a curtain rod. While it won’t allow you to extend the appearance of the window, it’s an easy and convenient way to install curtains.

Don’t go all the way: Leave one-half of an inch above the floor curtain-free. This will give you room to clean beneath the curtain, while still creating the illusion of length and luxury.

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