5 important steps to hiring a moving company

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The search is over, the contract haggling behind you. Now your dream home awaits. There’s just one more step before you can settle in: hiring a moving company.

This deserves your full attention, as the right moving company can not only ensure fewer hassles on moving day, but also save you money.

Here are some tips from the Apartment Therapy website.

Do an initial screening:

Search for moving companies online and carefully read their reviews.

Compare costs:

Costs can vary drastically, even from offices at the same company but in different locations. Check with the desired moving company’s office where your home is currently located, as well as the office in the city where you’re moving. Then use the least expensive option. You might be surprised at the difference.

Get an estimate in writing:

Insist on a detailed cost estimate that takes into account your furniture, the number of boxes you will have, etc. Also, look for wording to guarantee the price won’t go up between the time you sign on the dotted line and the time you move.

Look for trucks with the largest capacity:

Some trucks have room over the cab for your items, and some don’t. Hiring the former can save you from having to employ a second truck in some situations.

Ask how you can save:

Moving companies can tell you how to keep the cost as low as possible. For example, you might save by moving on a weekday versus a holiday weekend, or by hiring an extra worker to decrease loading time (and expense). If your budget is stretched thin, ask for a discount from your company representative, who might try to accommodate you rather than lose your business.

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