5 hacks to help you fly past DIA obstacles

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Traveling through any airport is stressful, at best. But flying in and out of Denver International Airport (DIA), where various construction projects are underway, ratchets up the time-crunch tension considerably.

How can you make the best of the situation? Here are 5 ideas suggested by Westword, as well as RE/MAX brokers:

Take the light rail:

Why face the long drive to DIA when you can relax and read emails or research tourist sites instead? With RTD’s A Line, you’ll pay $10.50 each way, far cheaper than ride shares, and you’ll avoid the climbing costs of parking at the airport overnight. “Also, it’s just better for the climate to take the train and skip the car,” notes Westword.

Get pre-certified:

For a little extra money, you can purchase TSA Pre-Check status, Global Entry “trusted traveler” clearance, or a Clear membership. All will save you time when going through airport lines.

TSA PreCheck ($78 for five years) allows you to go through a designated, generally shorter, line—and leave your shoes on and your laptop in your bag as you pass through the scanners.

Global Entry ($100 one-time fee) vouches that you have undergone an extensive background check, allowing you to enter the TSA PreCheck line and enjoy faster customs checks when traveling internationally.

Clear ($189 per year) lets you quickly verify your identity at automated kiosks to bypass the ID check line.

Choose one—or all!

Use the TSA app:

This “gives you real-time updates on wait times, delays and other helpful info on navigating major airports,” notes Westword.

Take the Bridge Security:

If your gate is at Concourse A, try the A Bridge Security TSA Checkpoint located on Level 6 on the north side of Jeppesen Terminal. You’ll usually find a short line, and you can also access an elevator or escalator here that will take you to the train for other concourses.

Come early and relax before you fly:

DIA has upped its game in recent years when it comes to the food and drink scene. Check out Snooze, Great Divide, New Belgium or Root Down, where you can order a drink or meal and de-stress before your flight. We’ll toast to that!

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