40 Years of RMCC with Ken Malo

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We love to honor the brokers who helped RE/MAX of Cherry Creek become the brokerage it is today, and we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary by featuring some of our original members who started it all. We’re so lucky to be able to hear their stories and listen to their advice – they’ve been in the business (and with RMCC) for a long time and have truly seen all of the ups and downs of the Denver real estate market.

We picked their brains, and we’re excited to share some insight below from Ken Malo, one of our original founders back in 1981, who we’re happy to report is still taking his classic Mustang for a spin! As someone who has dedicated so much to RMCC and his business, we’re thrilled to honor his legacy and find out more about his history with our brokerage.

Tell us about when you first joined RE/MAX of Cherry Creek.

Ken: I joined RMCC when the world was young and I was, too. But it was originally RE/MAX East, back in the mid-70s at 155 South Madison down from the former Ricks Café, now Choppers. Met a RE/MAX agent at a party. The office desks were lined up in a row waiting for takeoff hence ‘flying the desk.”

Tell us about some of the big successes you saw during your time with the brokerage.

Ken: RMCC morphed from a traditional real estate company into a group owned company that we modeled after the Group Real Estate in Fort Collins. Office retreats really came of age over the years and became very creative. In the early days, they were more like crazy two day Bacchanals. The second and third years at Tumbling River Ranch on Guanella Pass were over the top, and we were asked not to return. Persona non grata.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a broker at RMCC?

Ken: 100% concept. Freedom to invest. Lack of regimentation. General company attitude about life.

What is the biggest lesson you learned?

Ken: There are a lot of smart creative innovative people in this business.

Describe the changes you have seen over the last 40 years in real estate.

Ken: The transition from paper phonebook MLS to computers, mobile phones, PCs, iPads, and the use of electronics for practically everything in this business especially contracts. Doing business remotely.

Ken and his daughter Nicole, now working together as the Malo Team

What advice do you have for new brokers that join RMCC now?

Ken: You can’t be all things to all people. You need to have a hard layer of bark on you.

You will get dumped on a lot. Analyze it, forget it, and move on.

Lurking somewhere within every setback is the key to an even greater fortune.

Don’t get complacent. You still need to hustle every day. Stay in touch.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

Neighborhood farmers have done well in this business.

The listings that are the easiest to get are usually the hardest to sell. If a deal is hell at first, it may go very smoothly the rest of the way and vice versa.

I’ve noticed that the people that are the most successful in this business are also the people that will call you back the quickest.

Do the hardest, most difficult thing first.

When you are working, things happen that generally have no relationship at all to what you have been working on or dealing with.

If you are trying to leave town all hell will break loose…some mystical rule of the universe that won’t let you leave until you are stressed out.

What does RMCC mean to you, on a personal level, in 15 words or less.

Ken: After 40 years what more can I say.

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