4 amazing Colorado bike trails, from beginner to Pikes Peak!

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After a long pandemic winter, who isn’t ready to get out and enjoy the great outdoors?

If you’re a bicyclist, there’s no reason to remain on the couch: There are scores of amazing bike trails throughout the state. Here are a few favorites from Colorado.com:

For beginners:

Pineridge Natural Area, Fort Collins: This seven-mile network of trails “offers gentle rolling hills and smooth trails for novice bikers wanting to get a feel for the sport.” Cyclists will spin by Dixon Reservoir, wetlands and prairie “teeming with local wildlife.”

For intermediate riders:

Hunter Creek Trail, Aspen: A stroll through downtown Aspen will take you to this two-mile trail, shared by hikers, that runs along rolling Hunter Creek. It offers a shaded path and then climbs along more rocky terrain for more than 700 feet before easing up. A beautiful wildflower meadow is one of the treats you’ll see along the trail.

The Boneyard, Eagle: West of Vail, this seven-mile trail in three sections takes cyclists through “thick woods before journeying into sloping sagebrush fields,” notes Colorado.com. Each section begins with brief climbs, “followed by exciting descents down rolling trails for a fun mix of ups and downs.”

For advanced riders:

Barr Trail—Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs: Colorado.com doesn’t beat around the bush: This is “the expert trail of all expert trails,” it reports. Climbing 7,500 feet in less than 13 miles, the trail will challenge even the best bikers. Cyclists start with switchbacks that transition to a straight incline, reaching other steep switchbacks before finally concluding at the top of Pikes Peak. Beware: the weather can quickly turn, and loose gravel and large boulders can be hazardous above tree line.

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