Your saving from solar panels, courtesy of Google

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Have you ever considered solar panels for your home but thought that the long term payoff might not be worth the cost of installation? You’ll soon be able to find out how much of a smart financial move it can be, thanks to Google. They are set out to prove to skeptics that creating a solar powered house is practical for both the earth and your wallet.

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Their free service, called Project Sunroof, estimates how much you could save in just one easy step: typing in your home’s street address. From there, it will take many specific factors into consideration, including the square footage of your roof to the local weather patterns and nearby shade, and using this information, it will give you a calculation of your potential financial saving. The final number is generated by compiling the hours of usable sunlight your home receives each year with how many square feet of panels you would need. You can fine tune the generated cost even further by letting them know how much your average monthly electric bill is as well as your goals for either leasing or buying the solar panels. From there you can contact solar providers in your area and start the process.

Project Sunroof has started the service in a test phase in the Bay Area, Fresno and Boston, with the goal to roll this out to more cities in the future. Click here to find out more on their website and keep an eye out for when it will be released here in Denver.

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