Why fret about snow? Enjoy the metro area’s best sledding hills instead

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Blog, Denver Activities

After a big snowfall, you can fret about how much snow there is to shovel —or grab a sled and head to the nearest hill.

We vote for the second.

Colorado offers great winter fun—some of it just around the corner. You can find plenty of great sledding hills in the metro area. Among them, recently detailed in The Know:


Ruby Hill Park: At the intersection of Platte River Dr. and Jewell Ave.: This hill doesn’t depend on the whims of the weather to provide sledding conditions. According to The Know, workers make snow “starting in January in the hopes it will last the rest of the season.” Don’t enjoy sledding? The park also allows skiing and snowboarding. Visitors will find lighted areas here until 9 pm.

Robinson Park: 200 Fairfax St.: Posters on Google rave about the sledding conditions here. “This mid-sized neighborhood park includes on the of the best sledding hills in the area,” wrote one. There are several hills here: “Indeed, the entire south side and some of the east and west all have hills of varying steepness,” adds The Know.


Sledding Hill Park: S. Kipling Parkway and Ken Caryl Ave.: This open space was purchased by Littleton to ensure that a great sledding hill will remain accessible to citizens. That’s it, plain and simple. “The park remains undeveloped except for a few park benches on the top of the hill.”


Chautauqua Meadow: Chautauqua Park: Longer and steeper than most sledding spots, this is no tame bunny hill. “One site rates it a ‘black diamond’ sledding hill,” notes The Know. “There’s a small hike getting to it, and the terrain is unpredictable.” Thus, it’s not the best choice for small children, but should please fearless adventurers seeking thrills.

Scott Carpenter Park: 1505 30th St.: What better place to take off down a hill like a rocket than a park named after former Boulder resident and astronaut Scott Carpenter? There’s a great spot to sled next to the playground, where a steep start levels off into a long, flat area where sledders can gradually slow down—just before heading up for another go-round.

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