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Denver Neighborhoods Where To Live In DenverChoosing where to live in Denver boils down to more than price range and the right number of bathrooms. This place is going to be your home. There will be pencil marks on the wall where you measure your children’s growth and a tree out back that grows large enough to shade your patio. You want this home to be in a part of the city that is as comfortable as the house itself.

There are a lot of great Denver neighborhoods out there — and at any given moment, some will be “hot” and “trending.” They may seem like the perfect place to live because they are desirable, but the reality is that the perfect neighborhood is one that checks the boxes on your list. Here are some of the things you


“Walkability” — the measure of how many of your daily activities you are able to accomplish on foot — has become a sought-after feature for people moving into urban areas. Do you want to be near your grocery store and gym? Would you like to be a short distance from the closest light rail station?

Many Denver neighborhoods have a walk score over 70, meaning that they are great for people who want to use their car less often and adopt a more sustainable way of life. Just input the address of the properties on your short list and see it your prospective new home makes the grade.


If you are planning to have children in the near future, living in a neighborhood with parks, family restaurants, close proximity to the Denver Zoo and other attractions is a bonus. Having a good local school is also a must. Yes, the Denver Public School District (DPS) will let your children transfer into a different school if there is availability. But it is preferable if your kids live and attend school in the same neighborhood to be close to friends.

Moreover, the local school provides community for parents — something you may not appreciate before you have kids. Different public schools have different levels of parental involvement. You should visit the website of the schools in your target Denver neighborhoods and find out if this a place that you’ll feel good supporting and where your child will get a quality education.


Are you socially conscious and politically progressive? Are you into the live music scene?

Some Denver neighborhoods have a vibe that is eclectic, while others are established and conservative. Some communities value sustainable living and have great farmer’s markets; others are close to excellent retail shopping and good restaurants.

Vibe is about more than amenities, though. The spirit of a neighborhood is expressed through its neighborhood associations, the way local residents care for their parks, and the number of neighborhood social events there are. When you make a decision as important as buying a new house, you should look carefully at its projected vibe. Does this neighborhood reflect the person you are? If so, it is more likely that you will put down roots here and feel at home for years to come.

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