When suburban and urban living merge, call it “surban”

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Blog

What do you call a suburban area that has the feel of urban living? Surban, of course! “Think of it as the melding of two words to form a new one,” suggests Rismedia, like “Brangelina, Bennifer or Kimye.”

Whatever the word used to describe it, it’s an up-and-coming trend

“Surban” is defined as a suburban neighborhood that offers the amenities of the city, with retail shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment within walking distance. In Denver, you’ll find the surban concept in areas such as Lowry, Stapleton, Belmar, and the Streets at Southglenn. “Think grown-up college campus,” says Rismedia. “A walkable place to dine, work, live and play.”

Other characteristics include highly rated schools, low crime, and many housing options, from single family houses to condos and townhomes.

The Urban Land Institute predicts surban areas will draw 80% or more of the next “wave of households” within 10 years. Experts also expect them to replace shopping malls, bring office demand back to the ‘burbs, and offer an increasing number of rental properties, as “well over half of the 12.5 million net new households created over the next decade will rent,” with many switching from owning to renting as they age.

Bottom line: Why settle for one good thing, when you can get two? Just like Brangelina.


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